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Aramaic Bible Perspectives is dedicated to providing accurate information on Aramaic versions of Holy Scripture.  We provide publications support for Miltha Ministries with resources on the ancient manuscripts such as the Peshitta, Peshito, Old Syriac, and numerous English translations such as Lamsa’s and Murdock’s as well as newer works.

Although numerous universities and seminaries offer training in ancient Greek and Hebrew, few offer anything focused on the Aramaic – especially relative to the New Testament.  Unfortunately, much of the information available on the internet relative to Aramaic is of doubtful credibility and value.  Our goal is to provide the most accurate information available from a variety of reliable sources.

Knowledge of Aramaic will clear up many misunderstandings that are prevalent when translating and interpreting ancient texts of Holy Scripture.  It will also serve as a bridge between the three great Abrahamic religions:  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.   Miltha Ministries uses an objective academic model and is non-denomination and non-sectarian in its approach.

In addition to providing valuable information on ancient texts, we are dedicated to using this ancient wisdom and knowledge in practical ways to deal with contemporary issues and challenges.  The information on this site will be valuable to anyone from the beginning student of Biblical studies to the most seasoned scholar.  Our mission is to make otherwise difficult texts clear and easy to understand.

                                                                     - James J. DeFrancisco, PhD

                               President,  Miltha Ministries

The Missing Dimension in Bible Study. . . Aramaic

                                                                   Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

                                                                                     - Psalm 119:105


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