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Aramaic Bible Perspectives is dedicated to providing high quality information Bible students.  The Aramaic language was the common language of Jesus and the Patriarchs.  Knowledge of Aramaic will enrich an individual’s understanding of the Holy Scriptures and reveal nuances of meaning that otherwise would be mistranslated and misinterpreted.  We do not promote any particular doctrinal position so our research covers a broad spectrum of belief systems.  Our objective is to be accurate and unbiased.  Students and scholars are invited to send information and questions to Aramaic Bible Perspectives.  We wil provide a wide variety of resources to enrich your study and research efforts:  books, efiles, software, audio/video resources, seminars, etc. 

Dr. DeFrancisco has been studying the Holy Scriptures from Aramaic for over 30 years.  He has earned numerous academic degrees including a M.A. degree in Biblical Studies, a Ph.D. degree in Biblical Counseling, and a D.Min. degree.  He has undergone intensive training in Aramaic and writes articles in various publications.  He has served as a professor at Maranatha College and St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School.  His teachings are non-denominational and non-sectarian in nature focusing on Near Eastern and Semitic perspectives that are of value to anyone of any faith.  Because of this there are opinions presented that may not be in complete agreement with the beliefs of all of our readers but they can always be backed up by disciplined research and study.

Note that Miltha Ministries is a not for profit non-denominational service providing Biblical education from an Aramaic perspective. Miltha Ministries utilizes this site for its internet services.  We are funded strictly by donations from interested parties who believe in our mission.  For information on how you can support our educational ministry please use the Contact Us page.

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