Aramaic Bible Perspectives


The many Bible translations and versions . . . 

There are many Bible translations and versions to choose from today.  We believe it is vitally important to consider the need to study the Holy Scriptures from the perspective of the language which was used at the time and in the place where the Holy Scriptures were revealed.  Therefore we place much emphasis on Aramaic.

The following resources are recommended:

For a complete Bible translated from Aramaic into English consider the Lamsa translation as a primary reference source.  It is available through at 

An online edition is available at and a basic study of comparative differences between the Lamsa translation and other Bibles commonly used can be found at 

Another useful translation is that of James Murdock.  It is available online at

There are many other Bibles that are useful for study.  They come in many formats: paper, online, and in software packages.  If you have questions please contact us and we will be glad to be of help.  See
Contact Us page.
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