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We are pleased to offer a wide-range of resources to meet your unique needs.  The following are immediately available by using Adobe software.  Just click on the icon below:

Click Here for article on Bible Study from a Semitic Perspective

Clik Here for MSPowerPoint presentation on Bible Study from a Semitic Perspective

Click Here for article on Which Language Did Jesus Speak

Click Here for article on The Sermon on the Mount (includes exposition of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic and tool to help with forgiveness

Click Here for article on Original Sin

Click Here for article on The Book of Revelation - Various Views of Interpretation

Click Here for article on Conflict Resolution
Click Here for article on The Economic Crisis - A Christian Perspective

Click Here for article on Tikkun - The Essence of Kabbalah

Click Here for article on The Great Shepherd (23rd Psalm - expanded version from Hebrew & Aramaic)

Click Here for research article on Divine Name in the Peshitta New Testament

WHAT'S NEW?  Articles and MP3 . . .

Click Herefor article Case Study: Did Jesus Violate Torah and Break the Sabbath?

Click Here   Ephrem on Theology.mp3 for MP3 audio lecture:  Ephrem on Theology

 Click on this link for a brief Aramaic Bible Dictionary KEY WORD LIST:
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Click on this link
for the historical and chronological overview for the book of Acts and Pauline epistles:
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Classes, Lectures, and Seminars (Use CONTACT US Page for information)

In addition to publications, we offer private and group classes on a donation basis.  These courses, seminars, and classes are suitable for serious students at any level from beginner to post graduate advanced levels:

Some of our featured classes include:                                                 The Lord's Prayer from Matt 6 in the Peshitta

Basic Biblical Aramaic (Old and New Testament) 101
A challenging introduction to Aramaic focusing on the Peshitta.  This course introduces the student to Estrangella script and texts of Holy Scripture that are between 1600-1800 years old. 

Principles of Holy Scripture Study
This course teaches valuable principles that will enable the student to understand Holy Scripture and cut through common language, time, cultural, and other barriers that lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

Bible Study Through a New Lens

This seminar or class takes the participant through various approaches to Biblical interpretation including Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, and Jewish approaches.  It provides a vast array of tools for Biblical studies and research.

Biblical Studies
Classes on various books of the Bible using concepts from Basic Biblical Aramaic and Principles of Holy Scripture Study.

  • Torah for the nations
  • The Prophets
  • The Writings
  • The Gospels
  • The Epistles
  • The Apocalyptic Writings

The Lord's Prayer
A rendition of the Lord's Prayer from Matthew Chapter 6 in the Peshitta.  This gives insights and nuances of meaning from the original Aramaic.

The Sermon on the Mount
A rendition of Matthew Chapter 5, 6, and 7 giving Jesus' teachings on the Kingdom of Heaven from the original Aramaic.

The Four Major Texts for Happiness
Integrating the nuances of meaning from 4 key texts in the Aramaic:  The Ten Commandments, The 23rd Psalm, The Beatitudes, and the Lord's Prayer.
Practical Application of Biblical Wisdom
Practical methods to apply the wisdom of ancient texts to today's challenges.   

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